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Grenade Pouch - 10 Multicam

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An easy and secure carrier for various grenades that makes them easy, quiet and quickly accessible

  • The grenade pocket sits securely on both the belt and the vest. The pocket is fastened with the folding system
  • Folding bracket on the back of the pocket makes it possible to attach the pocket to the straps on all our platforms: vest, girdle, leg plate etc.
  • A grenade is secure in the pocket with the lid closed
  • Pull the large drawstring to open the lid. You can now easily grab the grenade.
  • The drawstring can be handled with gloves on the front is low cut and equipped with elastic edge band to facilitate access of the grenade.
  • The lid closes with two push buttons for double security. An elastic band holds the grenade temporarily in place when the lid is open
  • 3 positions on the pushbuttons to fit low or high grenades
  • The buttons on the pocket are hidden under the fabric so as not to be worn
  • The push-button opening contains no moving parts and is quiet when handling
  • The elastic band keeps any moving parts on the grenade still so that it does not rattle
  • There is an eyelet in the bottom to let out water.

Weight: 90 g
Dimensions: L = 14, W = 9 & D = 7

Volume = 0.6L

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