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Modern Warfare Demands Modern Equipment.

You wouldn’t take a musket into battle today. So, why are you wearing equipment from centuries past?

The world is changing faster than ever. New technologies have created new challenges – and new opportunities. Today’s soldiers must be faster, more agile, and better protected than ever before.

Montane Tactical is a military-grade clothing range that allows you to meet today’s challenges. They’ll give the operator the protection needed while offering greater mobility and flexibility than you ever thought possible.

No matter the operational environment.

Worn in camp, or knee-deep in the thick of battle, the right equipment can make the difference between mission success and failure.

We’ve designed and tested every piece of equipment to meet the daily challenges that modern operators face. Using the latest advances in technology and textiles, we’ve crafted high-quality clothing that offers maximum mobility, breathability, and durability.

Whether you’re wading through marshland, scaling mountain ranges or crossing a blazing desert, our equipment will ensure you’re able to operate at maximum effectiveness.

We’ve Yomped/Tabbed In Your Boots.

Historically buying (or being issued) military equipment isn’t like choosing a new pair of trainers. Comfort level wasn’t your primary concern. Instead, you’re more focused on ensuring your equipment can stand up to operations. If it isn’t the most comfortable thing you’ve ever worn but gets the job done, it is what it is.

While we’ve prioritised operational effectiveness, we also understand the importance of comfort for modern soldiers.

That’s why we’ve crafted kit that offers optimum comfort and has enhanced operational qualities that will keep you moving forward, faster!

It’s time to re-imagine your operational clothing.

Summit Tactical

The New Montane Tactical Range…

The Montante Tactical range of clothing offers everything you need to operate at the highest levels – no matter what or where, giving you the tactical advantage.

Move swiftly, dry quickly and blend into your surroundings comfortably to ensure mission success.