Where we are

We are a UK based company, based in Exeter.

Our Story

Summit Tactical is the trading name for Brigantes Consulting Limited, following a website rebrand in September 2023.

Founded on decades of first-hand military experience and intricate knowledge of the outdoor sector, Summit Tactical was born out of a dream to improve the regulation kit issued to military personnel.

We truly care about the products being provided to our armed services and will go the extra mile to equip customers with the very best equipment on the market.

Originally conceived to bridge the gap between the outdoor and defence industries, we are the go-to specialist for on-the-soldier equipment. Combining decades of military experience with keen technical expertise, advanced industry awareness and unique alliances with world-leading brands, our product range spans apparel, footwear, vertical movement, signature management, technology, mobility, and sustainment.

A trusted international supplier to NATO military, government, and elite police units, we pioneer the latest, bleeding-edge equipment solutions in state-of-the-art soldier systems for every conceivable operational environment.