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Todi Crystal Skin & Hotmelt Adhesive (Wx 45 X Lx 210)


Size: Ski (W 45 x Lx 210)
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The robust all-rounder for every ski tourer. The TÖDI ski skin is the best-selling skin at Colltex. The TÖDI is an optimum combination of the aspects of gliding, climbing, durability, and packing size: a ski skin for all types of snow and weather. When not in use, we use a special net to protect the hotmelt adhesive coating. The TÖDI is an all-round ski skin and recommended for any ski tourer. It is equally suitable for beginners demanding good grip or mountain guides desiring a skin that will have a good grip in all weather conditions.


  • 1x pair of Todi Crystal Skins (Wx 45 X Lx 210)


Material: 65% Mohair + 35% Polyamid
Skin Colour: Blue
Adhesion: Hotmelt blue
Weight: 99,9 gram (Skin 60mm x 150cm)


Grip: Excellent Grip with all snow conditions
Glide: Good gliding characteristics
Handling: Use of protective netting
Touring Type: Beginner to Pro

Ski Skin Structure

  1. Fibre pile + basic fabric
  2. Colltex Edge
  3. Waterproof laminate
  4. Backing material with drybase
  5. colltex hotmelt adhesion


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