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Stalon Xl Basic Tactical 14 Person Tent - Blue Label

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This is the Tactical MIL version of the Stalon XL.
MIL Spec Tactical tents and accessories are identical to the standard versions, except some key altered features, designed specifically to be advantageous in a tactical environment.
MIL Spec features include:

  • Higher weight and a lower tear strength outer tent fabric than the standard version.
  • A light-blocking outer tent
  • No reflectors
  • Black guy lines

THE STALON XL is a very large, robust, modular tunnel tent that is fully capable of all season, all condition use. It is also surprisingly easy to set up, and it can be erected by one person in good weather. Designed with professional use in mind, the Stalon XL can be configured in nearly endless ways. It can serve as a classroom for adventure outfitters; a mobile medical station, command center, or staging/briefing room for search and rescue teams; or as a field dormitory for any large group. Each module of the tent can be zipped on or off to accommodate the needs of the user, and multiple modules can be easily connected or disconnected as necessary.

The Basic version includes two Vestibules, each with two large doors; a large Main Roof, or mid-section, which has “bag” opening vents to accommodate ducting for hot or cold forced air systems; an Extension with two large, zipper doors; poles and pegs; and a Carrier Bag, which will hold all components and is designed to be carried as a backpack. The optional standard Inner Tent (not included) connects to the Main Roof, sleeps up to 14, and has venting that mates with that of the Main Roof. The optional Connector (not included) enables multiple tents to be linked at the Extension doors.

All product features and measurement values, including tent weight and pole length, may vary somewhat from what is shown here. Such differences can occur because of alterations in the design and production process and/or natural variations in the materials. Fabric dyes have natural variations, so the actual tent colour may look slightly different from what is pictured here.

“Stalon” comes from “Stalo,” which, in the mythology of the Sami, the indigenous people of Scandinavia, is a race of giants.


  • 14 person tent
  • An exceptionally versatile, very large and completely modular all-season group tent.
  • Guy lines on the vestibule vent hoods and looped guy lines affixed to twin attachments on each side of each pole sleeve increase stability in windy conditions.

  • Modular construction: Main roof can be used with or without the inner tent, Extension, or vestibules. When used without Inner Tent or Vestibules, Main Roof can accommodate moderate sized vehicles.

  • Adjustable vents on the ends are backed with adjustable no-see-um mesh and air-permeable snow-proof panels, both of which are accessible from inside the tent.

  • Adjustable vents have “bag” openings, and include both tent fabric and mesh layers. Openings can accommodate ducting from forced air heating or cooling units.

  • Inner tent can be easily put in and taken out, and used both full and partial width. Multiple inner tent options are available. Vents tie in to the matching vents in the outer tent to allow ducting from forced air heating or cooling units.

  • Modular construction: optional Connector allows multiple tents to be connected at the Extension’s door.


Stalon XL Basic MIL Spec

  • Weight: 22.6 kg (49 lbs 13 oz)
  • Height:  235 cm (92.5 in)
  • Area: 39.5m2 (425.2 ft2)
  • Poles (17 mm):  5 x 720 cm (5 x 283.5 in)
  • Pegs: 40 X-Peg

Stalon XL Components MIL Spec*

  • Main roof: 5.6 kg (12 lbs 6 oz)
  • Extension: 3.1 kg (6 lbs 13oz)
  • Vestibule: 3.9 kg (8 lbs 10oz)
  • Connector: 1 kg (2 lbs 3 oz)
  • Floorless inner tent: 2.6 kg (5 lbs 12 oz)
  • Inner tent: 5.1 kg (11 lbs 4 oz)
  • Floor: 2.5 kg (5 lbs 8oz)
  • Footprint: 4.6 kg (10 lbs 3 oz)

Fabric Details MIL Spec

  • 8 kg (17.6) lbs tear strength – ISO 13937-4
  • 75 D polyester ripstop
  • Polyurethane/silicon coating
  • Light blocking
  • IR reflectance 25 - 50% within 750 - 950 Nm
  • Colour: Green NCS S810-G50Y

* The Stalon XL Basic includes one Main Roof, one Extension, two Vestibules, five poles, attached guy lines, 40 X-Pegs, and the Stalon XL Carrier Bag. Inner Tent is not included. A note on colours: Fabric dyes have natural variations, so the actual tent colour may look slightly different from what is pictured here.

The Stalon Xl Basic Tactical is a Blue Label Tent:
Specialised Hilleberg tents, each designed and built for a specific purpose.

The Hilleberg label system divides the tents in one of four categories, or “Labels,” Black, Red, Yellow, or Blue, each representing a performance range based on materials, construction or both.

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