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Akto 1 Person Tent - Red Label - Green

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Color: Green
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The Hilleberg Akto is a very light and remarkably strong all-season solo tent that functions well in nearly any condition. It is especially well-suited to those who need to travel light, with minimal gear, but still require a truly reliable shelter, no matter the weather or situation.

Although only slightly heavier than a bivy bag, the Akto offers roomy, all-season shelter for the solo traveller, all in a package that includes a vestibule and boasts a packed size small enough to fit into a side pocket on many packs.

It’s an ideal choice any time a very light yet quite strong, easy-to-pack, all-season solo tent is required. The Akto was not designed for extreme use, but it has been used repeatedly on extended polar expeditions and in other challenging types of terrain and weather, and so has proven that it can stand up well to tough conditions. The standard version of the Akto has been and is being used in nearly every climate, all over the world, by a wide variety of users. Backpackers in all seasons appreciate having a sturdy, comfortable room of their own at the end of their day; overland trekkers who find it excellent lightweight accommodation insurance for when traditional lodging is overcrowded, overpriced, or unavailable; and tall users find it one of the few solo tents available that has enough room.

The Akto is an outstanding and very lightweight solo shelter solution for nearly any condition.


Weight: 1.7 kg (3 lbs 12 oz)
Inner tent area: 1.7m2 (18.3 ft2)
Vestibule area: (0.8m2 (8.6 ft)
Poles (9 mm): 1 x 293 cm (1 x 115.4 in)
Pegs 10 V-Pegs
Pack size: 55 cm x 17 cm (22 in x 7 in)

Fabric Details

Kerlon 1200:

  • 12.5 kg (26.5 lbs) tear strength (ISO 13937-4)
  • 30 D High Tenacity Ripstop Nylon 66
  • 100% silicone coated on both sides with a total of 3 layers. Treated for UV resistance during dyeing and coating.


  • Looped guy lines affixed to twin attachments on each side of the pole increase stability in poor conditions.
  • Integrated door and vent. The top of the door can also act as the vent’s adjusting mechanism.
  • Partial no-see-um mesh on inner tent door is covered by an adjustable fabric panel for all season comfort.
  • Integrated stowage pocket.
  • Large flap protects the zipper from the rain.
  • Venting fabric on head and foot ends keeps out snow, yet is highly breathable.
  • High bathtub floor keeps out ground water.
  • Zipper adjustable vents in head and foot ends of the outer tent provide good air flow, and are protected from rain by the angled design of the end itself.
  • Sturdy fiberglass rods in corners of the outer tent provide extra height and more useable space.

The Akto 1 Person Tent is a Red Label Tent:
All-season tents that prioritise lightweight packability. Ideal for all-season trips where conditions may be especially challenging and weight is a priority. Designed for users who don't require the strength of Black Label models, or who are willing to compromise on strength and comfort for lighter weight.
The Hilleberg label system divides the tents in one of four categories, or “Labels,” Black, Red, Yellow, or Blue, each representing a performance range based on materials, construction or both.

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