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Staika - Tactical - Black Label

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Colour: Green
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This is the Tactical MIL version of the Staika. It has a light-blocking outer tent, no reflectors and black guy lines, and has a higher weight and a lower tear strength outer tent fabric than the standard version.

Its strength and fully free standing structure make the Staika a superb choice for any trip in any type of environment. It is especially good in high deserts, high mounains, and other exposed, inhospitable terrain where pitching conditions are difficult.

The Staika is all about simple, but simple in no way equals “sparse.” Easy to pitch, immensely stable, spacious, and remarkably light, the Staika is an excellent “go to” tent for any use where sturdy, reliable strength is the high priority. We originally designed the standard version of the Staika for paddle tourers, who wanted a highly stable, fully free standing tent that would easily handle tricky pitching conditions. Since then, it has garnered a large, loyal following amongst a wide assortment of other adventurers including, among others, mountaineers, polar travellers, and ski tourers. All find it a supremely stable base camp tent in all conditions and appreciate its simplicity and completely free standing construction as well as its comfort, roominess, and, of course, its robust strength.


  • Looped guy lines affixed to twin attachments on each side of each pole increase stability in poor conditions.
  • High bathtub floor keeps out ground water.
  • 2 Integrated stowage pockets.
  • Full no-see-um mesh on inner tent door is covered by a zipper adjust able, fabric panel for all-season comfort.
  • Vestibules are integrated into the construction, resulting in a fully free standing tent.
  • Separate vent cover protects open vents from snow and rain.
  • Adjustable roof vents can be closed with snow-proof panels, and are accessible from inside the tent.
  • Large flaps protect zippers from the rain.


Weight: 4.3 kg (9 lbs 8 oz)
Inner tent area: 3.2 m 2 (35.5 ft 2)
Vestibule area: 2 x 0.9 m 2 (2 x 9.7 ft 2)
Poles (10 mm): 3 x 387 cm (3 x 152.4 in)
Pegs 16 Y-Pegs
Pack size: 50 cm x 23 cm (20 in x 9 in)

Fabric Details

MIL fabric:

  • 8 kg (17.6) lbs tear strength – ISO 13937-4
  • 75 D polyester ripstop
  • Polyurethane/silicon coating
  • Light blocking
  • IR reflectance 25 – 50% within 750 – 950 Nm
  • Color: Green NCS S810-G50Y

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