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Ammo Mag Conversion


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A6 Ammo / Magazine Conversion Slate / Crib Card

Designed to make quick calculations on the re-org to help ease the pressure for accurate ammo requirements in the fog of war and in training both including planning for ranges and battle exercises, both blank and live fire.

Make quick ammo calculations in the field with this Ammo Conversion Battle Slate Card. The card contains all of the relevant information to convert magazines into rounds or vice versa in addition to plan target illumination and link-tail conversion for both 5.56/7.62 rounds.

Ideal for all command levels, including the CSM (Company Sgt Major), CQMS, Platoon Sergeants & Section 2IC’s. A must for career courses or weapon support courses including Section Commanders Battle Course (SCBC), Platoon Sergeants Battle Course (PSBC), Platoon Commanders Battle Course (PCBC) as well as CQMS, CSM & RQMS courses

Battle Slate Card Information:
Manufactured using a flexible & virtually unbreakable plastic these waterproof slate cards, sometimes referred to as a crib card are a must for the commander at every level – no need to make your own cards with fablon or laminating, which last only 1 exercise or course, easier to use and more durable. The cards feel solid but are lightweight, meaning you can cut down the weight of your nirex folder. 100% Weather & Marine Proof, unlike various other waterproof brands or field stationery, the Odin Battle Slate Cards can & will work in any conditions indefinitely.

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